Somewhere to begin

The first camera I’ve ever used was an AGFA SILETTE – LK.

I used to play with carefully because I knew that it was something “precious” and that camera was the only camera to shoot memories of our family.

The first camera I bought it was a Yashica – mini. I saved day by day to buy the dream to old my own camera. 120.000 lire (around 60 euro) it was the price of a dream when I was 12.

My first reflex camera was the mighty PENTAX SUPER ME (1981), and It was the first love. A love which is still alive even if that camera is gone. It’s like a human love story. When you are old enough to understand what was love It’s late to recover it.

My Pentax was a beautiful gift of a special person, my uncle Michele. My uncle is the one who spent hours with me teaching how to take pictures. My uncle is the person I will always thank for doing what he did.

This blog is born to share with the pictures I’ve been taking all around the world.

I’m not an artist, I’m not a photographer. I’m just a kid who loves to travel and has been blessed by a patient uncle.

Thank you zio


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